Monday, August 13, 2007

A Sonnet

Ok, for poetry tutorial exercise four, I have to write a classical sonnet on any topic. I've chosen the format ababcdcdefefgg, because it's pretty straight forward. The topic is the ongoing situation of Dave and the boys not seeming to be able to get ready for school and work without fighting and carrying on loud enough to wake Bryn and myself...

Indignant screeching breaks in from out there
My slumber shattered, I call out for peace
When will they get it, I'm sleeping in here
I wish their eternal fighting would cease
Each sunrise this scene plays over anew
Doggo I lie in my bed craving sleep
While out in the lounge they ready for school
From ev'ry task a dispute they must reap
Why does each morning a battleground find
Why can't I sleep 'til the clock alarm rings
Why can't my children be peaceful and kind
Why can't their father just manage these things
Yet after they leave the silence gives way
To missing my noisemakers through the day

Oooops, editing to change a couple of thing... That last line reads better to me with 11 syllables (using throughout instead of through), but as I'm writing in iambic pentameter, I can only have 10 syllables...

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