Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yee-ha! Punching the air!

And you might wonder why when I tell you I got a call from Luey's school this morning telling me he had been in an altercation with another child and had taken the other child's glasses and chucked them away on the school oval, and they could not be found...

Ok, so without being told, I was already fairly sure the other child was his best mate, Liam C. It seems they'd had a dispute and Liam had said he didn't want to be Luey's friend anymore, and Luey felt very rejected and went to storm off, but Liam followed him, and so Luey grabbed Liam's glasses and chucked them.

Now, Luey has been chucking stuff since he was five months old, and his pitching arm is pretty strong, so not surprisingly, six kids could not find the glasses when they looked.

The Vice Principal called to tell me, and said that that sort of behaviour was not acceptable (which had me thinking possibly she thought I thought it was, seeing as she felt compelled to tell me it wasn't), and she wanted me to follow up with it. I asked if he was with her, and she said he was and passed the phone over, I asked Luey what happened, and he told me and I said that throwing Liam's glasses away wasn't the best thing to do because now no one could find them and Liam couldn't see properly because of that. I asked him if he had tried to make Liam feel better and he said he'd apologised. So, then he handed the phone back to the VP. Who told me if they couldn't find the glasses, I would have to replace them, fair enough... I asked if they'd told Liam's parents, and she said not yet, so I said I'd ring Liam's mum and was told to just wait an hour so they could try to find the glasses.

I didn't wait, because I wanted Liam's mum to hear from me before hearing from the school.

She was really good about it, and didn't want to hear about us replacing the glasses but of course I insisted.

So, after school, I picked the boys up, and Erik had a play with his friend, Matilda, while Luey and I went to look for Liam's glasses. On the oval we met up with Kelly and Liam, and all of us looked for about 40 minutes, but couldn't find them. I had a good chat with K during this time, and chatted about L and L's teacher, whom I'm not terribly impressed with. I mentioned to K that I'm a teacher and that I regret telling Mrs A that fact, and then K told me that she'd once talked to one of the 1st graders mum, who had said that she and her dh were teacher and HADN'T told Mrs A because she felt it wouldn't go over very well. This mum had noted that Mrs A was very patronising toward her because she was a sahm, while Mrs A was not patronising towards the working mums of the class!

I feel soooooo vindicated, it's not just me!

Also, today when I picked Luey up Mrs A didn't approach me to tattle on Luey, she didn't even acknowledge my presence, even though Luey and I were standing within 2 metres of her! AND when i met Luey he made a point of telling me that "everything is done with now", which are words I recognise from the VP's mouth, so it seems to me that after I called the VP after the crab incident, she's given Luey's teacher the heads up NOT to cross me again, that tattling to me, especially when not giving me the whole story is NOT a good idea!

Whoo hoo!!!

And the third bit of good news to come out of all of this was that when I got home there was a message on the phone that Liam's dad had gone in search of the glasses and had found them! Gosh, I can't wait to hear where they were!

Ah, it feels so good to know I'm not the only person who questions Mrs A's integrity, and that the other people not entirely comfortable with her were ALSO teachers! And that she seems to be giving me a wide berth, yay!

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Ish said...

Vindication in a sense huh.. and Sooo glad to hear the glasses were found and Liam's parents were understanding:)

Good Job!