Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't be an idiot!

For those of you who don't visit Alternativebaby regularly

This is what Bryn just said to Dave, I kid you not!

Bryn had just asked for a biscuit, but had mangled the word when he said it and asked for a "dibspit"

Dave said, "So, you want a dibspit do you?" and laughed...

Bryn nodded his head and say, "Yup"

So, Dave said it again for effect, "You sure you want a "DIBSPIT"?"

To which Bryn indignantly replied, "Don't be an idiot!"

Now, we think it was just a reflex, he's heard Dave and I say it to Erik and Luey at different times, and has probably figured out the context (when they're being very silly!), and so it's stored in there in his subconscious, only this time it reflexively just came out!

Dave and I just looked at each other in shock and burst out laughing!!!

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casso said...

I would have just laughed out loud too, how classic! I love it when they say stuff that's so adult and with such a serious intention but it just sounds so incongruous coming out of their cute little toddler-sized mouths!

Good Job!