Friday, September 14, 2007


Well, it feels like I've been swimming under water, holding my breath all week in order to get the two assignments done that were due this afternoon. The first was three poems and a quick write up of one poet's life and poetry, including a review of one poem of said poet that I like and why I like it... So, I chose Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and her poem, "Lord Walter's Wife" which is a discussion between a man and a married woman where the woman accuses the man and his ilk of objectify women. Fascinating reading!

The other assignment was writing a children's picture book, for which I wrote a poem of 16 four lined verses about a piglet who is accident prone because he doesn't think before he acts, and how he comes to change his ways. Yeah, yeah, it's totally tied in with my experiences with Erik...

And I don't get a break now, but tomorrow morning it's off to the library to get books on Emily Dickinson, and then writing up a group of poems about Blessingways (I have to write poetry to between 100 and 150 lines with one strong theme).

I can't believe that next week is basically the end of this term for me, and so I'm half way through the semester, and soon I'll be having to start writing my thesis!

Which means soon Dave and I will be ttcing our dear daughter!!! Whoo eeeee, it's all moving along so fast...

Toda I had the misfortune of reading a blog that lamented the view of women being the vessel that carries a man's seed, UGH! What a thought! Imagine a) thinking of making a baby that way, b) feeling yourself viewed that way!!! I've never felt that anyone viewed me merely as the vessel of Dave's seed - I mean a baby is both part of the father, granted, and the mother! To view it merely as the man's seed is to rob the child of a parent, and to view the father of the child as nothing more than a distant, inanimate seed dispenser. It not only dehumanises the woman, but the man, too. That is incredibly sad!

This got me to thinking about semantics again. For me, and I realise many disagree, but this is my blog, semantics are just that SEMANTICS. Word only have the power you give them. Seeing the words "Womun" and "Wimmin", it struck me that both these words still carry that first "m" that starts the "man" or "men" part of the words they are meant to be replacing, and in fact "feminist", coming of "Femine" and "Female", also carries that very tenuous connection to, or reference to "man". Now, many feminists I know have absolutely no problem with being associated with men, and even do not feel the need to change their written language, but for those who do, it seems incongruant that they should retain that "m" when they are so intent on erradicating the reference to "man" in the words.

THEN it occurred to me that the word "wimmin" does away with the "o", in "women", but the word "womun" keeps the "o", I wonder why the discrimination there? Is it just about the phonics of the word wimmin, that writing wimun would be too close to wimmin and would cause confusion - I means for you Kiwis out there it's all the same word, isn't it???

Removing the "o" from women, does that have anything to do with removing the reference to the womb? I should hope not! Are we now expected to reject our wombs because they seal our fate as women, subjugated by men to be the vessel of their seed? Our wombs are whence our greatest strength and advantage stem, and that includes women who are physically unable to bear children. The very fact that women have wombs, ovaries, breasts mean we are the essence of creation and nurturing. We hae those hormones that cause the growth and development of those brains men are so very proud of. Why reject the womb? Why reject what identifies us as the wonderous beings we are?

Why must being equal to men be about rejecting that they are part of us, or that we are different to them? All early foetuses are female, when they then start growing those male part, the men lose the right to use the affixes Fe- and Wo-, personally, it seems to me they're missing out, we're the lucky one! So, why do some women seem to resent that they are differentiated from men, I just don't get it. I embrace that difference, it's a magnificent difference which makes me feel POWERFUL!

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Ish said...

Interesting thought to ponder. I don't use the alternate spellings nor considering myself right into feminism but I wouldn't think removing the wo- would equate to removing connection with womb umm off to sleep on it..

Good Job!