Saturday, September 15, 2007

Little bits of loveliness...

Bryn running and calling Dave when the time on the stove went off, "Dadda, Dinna! Tasty Fisssshhhh!" (he really does love fish, and helped me finish mine when he'd scoffed his down).

Bryn recognising the Dr Who theme music and perking up (no, he doesn't usually watch it, he was just up late tonight, and yes, I shield his eyes for anything potentially not nice), declaring, "Doc Tor!", then he put his face right up against mine with his eyes popped right open and whispered something in baby-fairy-ese that was obviously TOP SECRET! Then giggled!

Took Luey to the library with me today, leaving Bryn at home with Erik and Dave - and Bryn was waving and smiling and say, "Byeee" even before I left. Was really nice to spend some time alone with my middle boy. I've found each boy is completely different when on their own. Well, not completely different, but somehow more themselves, less aware of competing for our attention. So, we went to the library, I needed books on Emily Dickinson, and he needed a book on "olden days clothes" so he can tell his class about them next week.

After the library we went and had an icecream together, then went and did shopping for dinner. In the cab on the way home Luey said, "Mum, you're a great mum!", I said, "Wow, thank you, what makes you say that?", he said, "You're really nice!", I asked, "But what about when I'm not nice?", and he said, "Even when you're not nice, you still like me!" Hahahaha, from the mouth of babes!

It must have been over two years since the last time Luey and I were out, just the two of us. I really need to spend more time alone with both the big boys - and I think they'd both benefit greatly from that!

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Mr B said...

awww thats just lovely.

Good Job!