Saturday, September 22, 2007

OMG! I found my highschool friends on Facebook!!!

I hadn't even thought to check, until Jayne told me she was contacted by someone from her past the other day! Now of course, because I've changed my name so much over the years, no would ever find me on facebook unless they knew what my latest (and final) incarnation was.

Anyway, I had this problem that I'd forgotten most all of my friends surnames, but I took a stab at one friend who's name I remembered because it was a bit unusual, and there she was, and in her contacts were my other friends!!!

Now, I wonder if they remember me, we're talking 20 years ago now!

I just can't believe it! I never thought I'd see these people ever again (even just as an image on the net), and there they are, living their lives on the other side of the globe!


Mr B said...

Oh how fun ! :-)

Leah said...

So glad you found them! You could also put your old names in your "about me" section, they'll come up in a search :)

Good Job!