Friday, September 07, 2007


Ok, just in here to record that I FINALLY finished that literature critical exercise last night (ok, EARLY this morning) and sent it on to mum (the external studies co-ordinator)... Unfortunately, when I was double checking the email details for handing in the assignment, I discovered it should have been handed in at the end of week 5, that was LAT FRIDAY, not today. ARGH!!! Took me an hour to get to sleep after realising I'd just handed my assignment in a week late. Have to call mum this morning and find out what the penalty will be. I think I'll probably still get a mark, but it might only be a pass/fail mark, instread of a percentage. Bugger, how did I let that happen??? Why did I put the assignment due date down as week 6 on my assignment calender???

In more positive news, I got a positive OPK result this morning, on CD14!!! That means I'll ovulate some time in the next 24-48 hours, which, in fact, would be a LATER ovulation time than usual for me, because usually I ovulate on CD 11-13... Last cycle I ovulated on CD 7-8, which was much earlier than usual for me, so my hormones are being a bit whacky of late. Mind you delayed ovulation might be caused by stress, and as the days have passed with negative OPK after negative OPK, I have certainly felt more stress. I'm honestly worried that I've stopped ovulating each cycle, which would definitely minimize my chances of conceiving next year...

Oh well, I AM ovulating this cycle, which looks like it might end up being a longer cycle, which would then make up a little for the super short cycle I had last time.

Something else that happened this week that is positive is that after some love making the other night, I ask Dave if it would be ok for me to pH test his sperm. I fully expected him to say no, to be really resistant to encouraging my baby dreaming, but he WASN'T!!! He performed the test himself and didn't make any noises about me obviously preparing for conceiving a girl (and yes, he is fully aware of everything I'm researching and planning atm).'

His pH was 8, btw, which is apparently very good! I only need to get it down .5! Most of the women on the forums I'm participating in have to get their partners down by 1.5, and even with cranberry and acidopholus supplements find that a challenge! Even without the supplement Dave is nearly there! My own pH is now consistently at 4.5 which is also GREAT! I have a REALLY good feeling about our chances of having a girl this time! I actually think the extra nearly three years since Bryn's conception have shifted things in our favour finally, and then with just a nudge from us in the right direction, I think our chances will be further heightened! Very exciting!!!

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Leah said...

Oh that is ace! :) I wanna get some Ph strips too now, just as an experiment. No swaying, just test and see later if it was accurate!

"Darling, let's look at your scrapbook, here is my +opk, the Ph strips we tested our sperm and cm with - it's dry but probably nicer not to touch it sweetie - the positive HPT ..." might make up for no ultrasound pictures lol

Sorry to hear about your mistake with the dates thing, those kinda of slip ups make you really kick yourself the worse I reckon :( Maybe that was part of your sense of doom last week??

Good Job!