Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday blog (gawd I'm finding it hard to come up with titles these days...)

Here are my boys all together waiting for dinner to be served. Erik is reading one of his self-created books to the other two... It was one of those moment for family harmony that I just had to catch on, erm, well not film, obviously, let's say on my blog!

And here are Luey and Bryn sharing a icecube tray of sultanas! I'm forced to buy the plain old individual serving size boxes of sultanas for Bryn as he won't have a bar of the boys' "exotic" sultana and apple/pineapple/apricot mixes... I've tried taking out the offending "other" fruits, but he seems to feel the sultanas are badly enough contaminated from being in contact with the other dried fruits that he generally will only eat one or two before tossing the rest indignantly on the floor.

He didn't like having to fish them out of the little box either, was fine until he got deep into the box and then got rather frustrated with sultanas that was "stuck" as he put it, beyond the reach of the shortie fingers. So, I put them in a bowl, but then he wanted to feed them to Muck and Bob the Builder... So, I came up with serving them in the ice cube tray, and this seems novel enough for him to actually finish eating a packet without flinging them around the room...

The second picture also shows off his latest sign - he just started using this himself to say something was "good" - I'm sure he picked it up from Luey, who also uses this quite frequently, but I don't know if Luey explained the sign to him, or if he just figured it out from the context... It's too cute though!

Well, I'm off to confront my Bibliophobia this afternoon, after having confirmed with mum last night that my poetry lecturer is a true Ludite and detests referencing from the net, even if said references come from online peer journals! I don't have true bibliophobia, I quite like to sit and read or writing in libraries, I just fear having to find books in them because I can't read the print on spines of books, especially those high up and down low, argh... I'll have to just play on my lack of vision and get the librarian to find the books for me, I guess, but I hate making it known to strangers (face to face) that I'm nearly blind - they tend to treat you differently, like grabbing your arm to lead you places, UGH! And I always feel like I should "act" more blind, or they'll just think I'm putting it on...

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