Sunday, October 07, 2007

And a week later, Bryn sleeps through the night in his own bed!

Well, I really wasn't expecting this! Last night I put Bryn into his bed at 6.45pm and didn't hear from him again until 6.10am! During this week he's mostly been waking at about 11pm and then we take him to bed in our bed. One night it was more like 9.30pm, and another night it was 2am, so there has been some variation but nothing to suggest he was ready to sleep all night without snuggles from mum and dad, until last night.

Dave had gone out for the evening with an old workmate (was supposed to be two workmates but the guy bailed due to illness so then it was just Dave and his 40-ish ex-co-worker, and admittedly, when I heard he'd been out all night with another woman I was a little put out! Argh, I REALLY not the jealous type, never have been jealous before of anyone, but with Dave I do wonder sometimes because of his lack of interest in me physically over the years - though that is well and truly not the case these last couple of months I'm happy to say ;)...), he got in at about 1am and then we sat and chatted for a while. Then went to bed. We were surprised that Bryn hadn't woken up yet, but decided to make the most of the time alone in bed while waiting to hear from him, only that never happened! We must have gone to sleep around 3am or so, and then were woken at abot 6.10am with Erik out watching tv in the lounge and Luey and Bryn still soundly sleeping in their beds (Yay for Erik not waking them, btw!!!)...

Erik reckons Bryn woke once during the night and that he went and got Bryn a bottle of water, but I don't know if that is the truth or just a story. It seems strange to me that Bryn wouldn't insist on seeing either Dave or myself when he woke, but who knows!

So, there you go!

In other news, the boys go back to school tomorrow! We're all a bit excited about that and Dave is running their "starting back at school" bath! Poor things haven't had much of a holiday apart from the two days Liam came over. I never did organise the play dates with C and LC, so will have to sort that for next weekend maybe... I really do wish we lived closer to the boys friends, it would make life a lot easier!

I'm only three poems into my major Poetry assignment and estimate I have another 7 or so poems to write, it's due on Friday so have to get moving on it this week because I have that Literature assignment due the following Friday... This is the last term before I start on my book, eek! Oh well, will have to think about that AFTER doing all these assignments!

One thing that will help is that I've joined a Writer's Group on Essential Baby, which is warming me up for critically analyzing other people's work (something my editing unit requires me to do)...

Exciting times!

Still waiting on Dave to say yay or nay to having #4, but I'm really, really thinking he might say yes. Certainly, if he is planning to say no, he is really not helping his cause now because I'm starting to get my hopes up again... No girl, down!


Juniper said...

Yeah for Bryn! Whenever my kids freaked me out and slept through the night (rare occurences) I always assumed they must have been really sick LOL!

Bryn is just so secure, having not been pushed into independance too early - you are a great AP mum!

casso said...

Harry has yet to grace me with a full night's sleep. Lucky you, that's great! Agree with Jen, he's obviously very secure and happy in his new bed.

Good Job!