Friday, October 26, 2007

Generosity Abounds...

I started this blog last night, but got interrupted, then had to reboot...

Anyway, yesterday I experienced two grand gestures of generosity and I just want to acknowledge them!

Peta came over in the morning to drop off the turtle potty she was giving me for Bryn. She stopped for a cuppa, and Aidan and Bryn had a bit of a play with lego! So good to talk to Peta again :D! Just before she left she told me she'd also pulled together some little boys' clothes that her boys had grown out of. Talk about perfect timing! I've been so slack lately that Bryn was basically down to rewearing not pristine clothing just to pick the boys up from school because this clothes were still damp in the dryer.

There were some fantastic pieces in the bag, and I particularly loved a pair of tan cords, with red tartan-ish lining that look to be completely reversible. He wore them as cords to pick the boys up, but last night I turned them inside out, and they're so funky and cute, LOVE them!

The other great generosity of the day was that Dave's supplement drink arrived from Agender yesterday afternoon, sent by express mail so it arrived the day after I paid for it! Bloody Australia Post had managed to crush the cannister so the lid had popped off (breaking the seal in the process!), and about 1/2 cup of powder had spilled out into the package. I managed to salvage most of the spillage, but because the seal was broken and there were instructions not to use the product if the seal was broken, I just queried that with Maree at Agender - I was pretty sure it was ok to use, but just double checked.

Well, she has INSISTED (despite me saying it was absolutely not necessary) to send my a second cannister of powder for FREE! I had to order a second cannister in November anyway, so that saves me $140!!! And the other one is perfectly fine to use as well.

I'm VERY impressed with the customer service, I have to say!

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