Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh, get a grip!

Have you ever wanted to grab you body by the shoulders and shake it? Pretty bloody difficult, let me tell you! Right now though, my body really needs to get a grip. It's gone a bit mental - or maybe that's just me, I don't know, but I'm trying to be the rational one here, and my body is just refusing to listen to me...

Here's the deal. I'm 11 days past ovulation. Since about 7 days past ovulation, I've been feeling lower abdomenal bloating and cramping. At first I thought this meant my period was coming early and I was cursing the god for messing with me this way when I'm trying to align my cycles for the end of January.

But then, I had all these sustained high temps on Fertility Friend, and not sign of a drop that would indicate Aunty Flo's imminent arrival. I was also feeling fatigued. Then I start getting increased creamy cm that remind me of the cycle where I conceived Bryn and these red flashing ambo lights went of in my head.

Oh, for crying out loud, "No!" I sooo definitely could NOT be pregnant because, well, I'm all set to get pregnant in JANUARY or FEBRUARY, most definitely not October!

Then yesterday my boobs swell up and I start getting stabbing pains on one side or the other, and then yesterday afternoon I started to feel ever so slight nausea.

That's when I decided to call my body's bluff and get a couple of hpts to test. The one I took yesterday afternoon came back negative. Not surprising, that, just 10dpo, and in the afternoon. So, I did another one this morning. I've ALWAYS gotten my positive tens on dpo10-11, this mornings was definitely NEGATIVE, too...

And yet, here I sit, bloating and cramping away and feeling MORE nausea than yesterday.

I'm NOT pregnant and my body is just tripping!

Luckily I had a slight temp dip this morning, so hoping AF will arrive tomorrow. In an ideal world, all these symptoms would subside by this afternoon, and AF would arrive on Friday, which would be 14 dpo and closer to aligning me for January... Also, I'm sporting two new pimples since last night, that's GOT to be a good sign that AF is on her way!

The power of the mind, hey?


Unknown said...

Oh Sif, that is hilarious!!! Your body is definitely being tricky with you, probably trying to tell you not to be so controlling of it, PMSL!!

Imagine if you conceived by accident and it was *gasp* A GIRL!!!

Rae said...

Oh I would love it if that happened! It would be totally cosmic. he he

katef said...

You know when I was pregnant with the girls I felt pregnant but got negative HPTS until almost 18 days PO... so maybe this is a sign that you are having ID twin girls like me! Or maybe I am just messing with your head! LOL.. sorry couldn't resist!

Good Job!