Monday, October 22, 2007

Very Sad News...

Just finished my major poetry project (number 1) this morning and sent it off to mum. Then rang her to make sure she'd received it, and also to ask her about formatting my Literature study paper for this coming Friday. Mum was just about to run out the door when I called, so I asked her to call me back. She said she would this afternoon, but then called only 10 minutes later.

She'd waited till everyone else was out of the office to call and tell me that my lecturer for Literature is in the final stages of bowel cancer and only has weeks to live. Now obviously, this is a blow wrt my stufies and those of the other students in her class, but as always the human element is the most tragic.

I've only met Sue twice, in July, and she seemed like a really lovely quiet lady! She had one of her children with her on one of the occassions I met her. I think he would have been about 12 years old, and I think she also has a 9 year old daughter. She hadn't been feeling well for a while with stomach cramps and whatnot, but hadn't had it checked out until last month. The results of tests have shown her to be in stage 4 of an aggressive bowel cancer, and no treatment can help her.

I barely know this woman, and yet I feel so deeply affected by this, it's so strange... I feel so bad for her not getting to see her children grow up, and for them not having her there, and for her Dh who has to face a future without her in his life. It's heartbreaking!


Jayne said...

OMG that is SO sad :-(

Unknown said...

So sad. This is the sort of stuff we'd see every day working in cancer genetics. Too sad, and definitely makes me very appreciative of everything I have that is great. Honestly, not much stresses me out anymore because I know how bad so many people 'just like me' have it :(

Mr B said...

Oh thats very sad. I'm so sorry for her and her family.

Good Job!