Friday, November 23, 2007

The Big Count Down Starts...

Tomorrow morning!!!

My girl drinks arrived from Agender today, along with about $75 worth of opks and hpts! So, tonight I had fish and chips for dinner, and potato chips and coke afterwards, and chocolate pudding, and now I say goodbye to these things until at least March!!!

Gods, I'm so excited!

I'm all set with foods, I have a cereal for breakfast, a daily lunch sorted and a variety of dinners and snack options figured out. I know what my upper levels of sodium and potassium should be, and so now it's all systems go!

Every time I feel depressed about not being able to have those high sodium, high potassium things I love, I'm going to remind myself that those chips will never feel as good as holding my newborn daughter!

Sweetie, if you want to come join this crazy family, then we're setting out the welcome mat for you!!!


Leah said...

oooh does it feel like christmas???!! :D love that you had one great big hurrah!! :D

Sumara said...

Oooh, so exciting!

So funny that you had chips for dinner and chips for dessert! I guess you really like chips. :)

Back in May and June I was shoveling bananas down and sprinkling salt on everything. Ugh, but so worth it! I know that's not quite the same as depriving oneself of chocolate pudding and fish n chips, but hey, you can do it!

Sif Dal said...

Rofl Sumara! Obviously it worked for you!!! Yay!

Mr B said...

Oh exciting Sif ! Fingers and toes crossed for you :-)

Ish said...

ROFL sending you lots of girl dust

Good Job!