Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ok, I need a plan of action...

Upcoming assignments include:

4 tute exercises in Children's writing ca. 1500 words (due last friday)

3500 word essay on how Othello, Silas Marner (part 1), The Wasteland (lines 1-79) and The Journey of Magi related to Christian Faith (EEEEEK, just quietly)...

1500 word study paper on Silas Marner.

100-150 lines of poetry on a specific theme (I'm thinking "The Men I've had")...

4000 words children's piece.

3000 word rough draft for the Publishing and Editing unit.

These all need to be handed in by the 14th of December (happy birthday to me!), which is in 3.5 weeks time... So, roughly 14 500 words in 3.5 weeks? Yeah, sure I can do that!!! No problem, I'm a superwoman... Aren't I?

1 comment:

Juniper said...

OMG, Sif, I had a panic attack just reading that! You can do it though, you go girl!

Good Job!