Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reading level and a moment of motherly pride...

Ok, I'm quote here from an Australian forum, and a teacher who has just written a set of guides for her school regarding literacy levels here in Victoria...

Just put this together for my school... thought it might be of interest NB These are very general indications only and will vary from (school to school and) child to child. In no way is it recommended that children be restricted to this table. It may well be that a child in Year 6 has a reading age of 9.5 in Prep. It may also be that a child in year 4 has a reading age of 7.5. Nothing here is set in stone and the table is given as a very general overview and guide to how the grades, reading levels, ages and titles in the PM Library align with one another.

Grade: K- Prep PM Reading Levels: 1 - 6
Grade:1; PM Reading Levels: 7 - 12
Grade:2; PM Reading Levels: 13
Grade:2; PM Reading Levels: 14
Grade:2; PM Reading Levels: 15; "Reading Age": 6.5
Grade:2; PM Reading Levels: 16; "Reading Age": 7.0
Grade:2; PM Reading Levels: 17; "Reading Age": 7.0
Grade:2; PM Reading Levels: 18; "Reading Age": 7.5
Grade:3; PM Reading Levels: 19; "Reading Age": 7.5
Grade:3; PM Reading Levels: 20; "Reading Age": 8.0
Grade:3; PM Reading Levels: 21; "Reading Age": 8.0
Grade:3; PM Reading Levels: 22; "Reading Age": 8.5
Grade:3; PM Reading Levels: 23; "Reading Age": 8.5
Grade:3; PM Reading Levels: 24; "Reading Age": 8.5 - 9.0
Grade:4; PM Reading Levels: 25; "Reading Age": 9.0 – 9.5
Grade:4; PM Reading Levels: 26; "Reading Age": 9.5 – 10.0
Grade:5; PM Reading Levels: 27; "Reading Age": 10.0 – 10.5
Grade:5; PM Reading Levels: 28; "Reading Age": 10.5 – 11.0
Grade:6; PM Reading Levels: 29; "Reading Age": 11.0 – 11.5
Grade:6; PM Reading Levels: 30; "Reading Age": 11.5 – 12.0

The reason I'm posting this is because this year when Erik and Luey started school, neither could read. Erik knew the names of all the letters in the alphabet and could write his name, and knew "some" of the sounds that the various letters made, but mixed many sounds up. Luey knew the names of the letters, could write his name and knew more sounds than Erik...

Throughout the year they've slowly learned more about reading. At first Erik seemed to struggle, but was committed to learning to read, where as Luey showed no interest really at all, and had us reading his readers to him, rather than the other way around.

By the middle of the year, Erik had started being able to sound words out most of the time, simple words. He was aware of many rules, like how an "e" after another vowel makes the first vowel say it's name, that sort of thing. By that stage Erik was reading level 7 books. Luey was still not attempting to read, though he'd figured out the pattern of most of the early readers and if we read the first page of a book, he was able to recite/guess the rest of the book.

This month (November), Erik had worked his way up to level 12. I was so proud. He was getting most words on his own, and at the beginning of the month was reading his readers, but that was about it, and mostly he was writing his own books. Then something changed for him, and he started bringing home novellas from the school library. Now I guessed he was doing this because some of his friends, particularly his girl friend, Matilda read quite well (level 27 apparently), and so he might have felt embarrassed bringing home only relatively simple readers. At first he seemed more interested in the pictures but this last week or so (10 days?) he'd started trying to read the stories!

This week. On Tuesday morning he read his level 12 reader.
On Wednesday morning I discovered a level 22 reader in his folder, and after chatting with him came to the conclusion it had been put in his box by mistake. He read the first two pages of it, with me helping him with about 8 words. We then read his regular reader. This morning I discovered the same book was in his folder, and this time he told me the reading recovery teacher wanted him to try it. Now, I'm not so sure about this, LOL, but we read from it anyway. He read 5 pages of the book this morning with minimal help from me! He's actually reading level 22! I will have a chat with his teacher this afternoon to see if this was her intention or if he's bucking the system, LOL, and taking books from the wrong box. His comprehension of the story was very good, too...

Anyway, I noted on the table above that level 22 is about where he might be expected to be for his reading age. I thought that was pretty good, from virtualy zero to level 22 in 10 months!

Luey has also just had a major leap in ability level and in the past month or so has starting attempting to read the words himself. He still tries to guess many, but is paying more attention to the words on the page, and has reached level 4 very quickly.

It just seems to be clicking into place for the boys now!


Juniper said...

That is fantastic Sif! I am very impressed, the boys (and you) must feel so proud!

I have no idea what reading level DD is, she started refusing to bring readers home this year cause she thought they were boring, and the teacher has not even commented! I think they stop readers by grade 3 anyway (she is grade 3 next year).

Good one boys, very exciting! Being able to read opens up a whole new world huh!

Sif Dal said...

Jen, from having seen your DD's reading, and what she is reading and reading rather fast, she'd be level 30 (well, probably more than level 30, but it only goes up that far).

I think part of Erik's motivation was that the level 22 book actually had some sort of story. Readers are particularly uninspiring, and this is why he's reading the little novels I guess. It'll be so cool buying him a pack of kiddy novels for Christmas this year :D!

Juniper said...

I agree, the early readers are *boring* and he isn't a baby!

I can recommend *so* many early mini "chapter books" (as they call them at school), - Tashi was one of DS's firsts, check them out!

Yeah for your boys Sif, good on them!

Good Job!