Monday, November 12, 2007

Things I really do appreciate about my boys...

I thought I should write this to balance out last night's rant. I also should write this now, before I pick the boys up from school and in the effort to bring them home in one piece forget these things...

  1. He is an optimist like me!
  2. He really enjoys people and gets along with people quite well.
  3. He nearly always willing to help out wherever he can.
  4. He eats ANYTHING and rarely turns his nose up at any foods.
  5. He loves to draw, which reminds me so much of my brother.
  6. He forward thinking and picks up on new concepts so quickly.
  7. He brings Bryn into us when Bryn wakes up in the middle of the night, and is so gentle and caring of him.
  8. He is often willing to take the blame the for things he didn't do to get his friends off the hook, and sometimes Luey, too. He does this because, in his own words, "I'm tougher than him/her, I don't mind getting into trouble, I don't want him/her to get upset"...
  9. He very quick to forgive and forget when people hurt him or upset him.
  10. He notices little things other people often seem to overlook.

  1. He very honest.
  2. He's really warmed to his responsiblities of help Dave cook dinner, and taking out the plastic recycling stuff, and does these things with a smile on his face.
  3. He mostly knows when to settle down after a lot of excitement.
  4. He really enjoys spending time with Bryn and playing with him, and caring for him when I need a break.
  5. He's a good listener.
  6. He's a quiet achiever who constantly surprises me with the things he's picked up and mastered without needing acknowledgement from Dave or myself for.
  7. He has a very firm sense of justice, certainly in regards to his own rights, but also in regards to those of others around him.
  8. When he's done something he knows he shouldn't have he is pretty good at accepting the consequence and moving on.
  9. He LOVES to snuggle, have his hair brushed, and generally hang out on the couch.
  10. He knows who he is and I can feel he already has such a strong character and sense of self, and yet he is still sensitive and emotionally open...

  1. He is so polite! He started saying thankyou spontaneously a few months back, and now has added please to his repetoire without our prompting.
  2. When he's caught doing something he shouldn't, he gets a glint in his eye and says, "Not me, it was..." whomever he see around him, and that might even include me, if it is just the two of us, hehehe!
  3. He is very reasonable. I can actually reason with this child, something I've never experienced with a child of mine, this age, before!
  4. He doesn't run off in shopping centres!
  5. He's easy-going and says, "O-Tay!" quite a lot (yes, I appreciate that he doesn't challenge me a lot, hahaha! After two kids who adored a challenge, I think it's ok to be happy about one who is not so challenging, isn't it?)
  6. He LOVES to boogie down!
  7. He is very affectionate, and spontaneously kisses me (no, I'm not used to this).
  8. He loves people just like Erik, but has Luey's ability to self-regulate!
  9. He nightweaned easily.
  10. He has a great sense of humour that often surprises me.


casso said...

That is such a wonderful post to read and must have been a lovely thing to write as well. :o)

Oh and that homeschooling thread was so ridiculous that I couldn't read it without coming out in hives.

Unknown said...

Sif you boys sound really fantastic and sweet, despite giving you the shits occasionally. You should be proud :)

Good Job!