Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mind what you manifest aka ARGH!!!!

Ok, this is getting beyond a joke now...

I'm typing this on Dave's computer because my computer suddenly decided to die overnight. That's right. I was working FINE last night. Then I put it away and this morning it won't even turn on. I thought it might be the cable (there are a couple chinks in the protective coating stuff, so went to Dick Smiths this morning to get a new one (hang the $100 cost, because quite frankly, I'm going a bit mad here without my net time)... Got them to test the cable instore, and nope that wasn't the issue.

Of course, today is Saturday, so when I tried to call the warranty people to find out where to take the computer for a once over (THANK GOD for extended warranty!!!), they politely told (via a nice lady message) to ring back on Monday after 9am... What is it with people NOT working 24/7 when you need them???

So, looks like I'm going to be sans computer for a while longer.

Ok, so Dave does have a computer and I can use that (on and off, because he isn't really keen to give it up either, which I totally get), but the thing is, I can't access my Fertility Friend account because I can't remember the account number, grrrr... So, I can't get FF to tell me if I O'd or not, and even though I can probably work it out myself (I do know how all that stuff works after all these years), I just like the reassurance of FF confirming what I can see for myself...

And also I'm REALLY worried now that if they fix my computer it might be at the cost of all my files... Can I just say 7000 PHOTOS... I've been trying to get them backed up for like three weeks now, but it just hadn't happened for lack of the right kind of writeable disk or the money to buy them...

Ok, Universe, I know I was the one who said I needed to spend a helluva lot less time on the net. and YES, I DEFINITELY want a daughter, but GEEZ, this is a bit harsh, don't you think??? I've ordered that negative ionizer for my computer, so do you think I could get my computer back now INTACT????



Juniper said...

how annoying for you! How frustrating! I hope they sort out the issue for you soon!

BTW, just for the record, if you are worried about losing your data from the computer, don't forget you can get them to back up all the files/data/photos before they do anything to the computer (apparently even if it doesn't seem to be working according to DH). This may come at a cost of $70-100, but well worth it if you are worried.

Big lesson re: backing up = imagine if someone *stole* the laptop!!! That would be worse re: loss of data!

Good luck!

Sif Dal said...

Thanks for that, Juniper :). I have to take the computer to some place on Bourke Road, so will remember to tell them I would like it backed up if they find they have to do something drastic. Yesterday I actually DID manage to boot the computer up, but then it crashed after 10 minutes, and when I booted it up again it crashed after two minutes, and the third time it crashed immediately - so now I'm thinking maybe a virus???

Good Job!