Monday, December 10, 2007

Pronoia - A Conspiracy of Miracles...

I was just introduced to this idea :).

I like it!

Instead of viewing the world around me as a conspiracy against my happiness, I can imagine the world as a conspiracy of miracles creating happiness in my life!

Today I've had the joy of giving something to someone else, something I had in surplus and she was about to run out of, and would find difficulty getting more of! Being able to help someone else really makes me happy!

My mum has done the essay I'm really struggling with, and this morning she is sending me her essay to look at so I can get some idea of what the lecturers are looking for. She got a HD in the essay, so it will be a really good guide to my own research (I'm using different literature texts).

It's going to be stinky hot in South Australia in January, so mum has suggested we postpone out trip until Easter because they don't have any airconditioning. This means I don't have to worry about slipping off my girl diet just a couple of weeks before our attempt, yay!

This weekend I realised it really is in Luey's best interested to change classes and get some space away from his best mate. It is also a really good idea for us to have his mate over here for visits so we can monitor their interactions and guide their friendship.

We're going to enjoy a nice simple Christmas this year with a strong emphasis on family togetherness and fun.

AH, the info. from mum arrived and YAY! now the essay makes sense, and I know I can write and probably finish it tonight, whoo hoo!

It will all be FINE! Pronoia, think about it!


katef said...

oh I like that.... will have to work on that myself this week, I could really use it!

Kate said...

I love this!!! Thanks :D

Good Job!