Sunday, December 16, 2007

School reports, and such like...

Jen just reminded me that the boys got their reports from school on Friday.

Erik's was great, no so much the level he was working at, as the mini essay written by his teacher. He is at the lowest expected level for reading in grade (grade 1 - as if he started school aged 6). Writing was the same level as reading. Stats, probability and chance were below the minimum expected level but everything else was at the top end of the expected level for his grade, which is fantastic considering he has only been at school for one school year where as the other kids in his grade have been at school for twice as long! (and he had no instruction whatsoever at home)...

His teacher said he was an excellent group leader in class and took a lot of pride in that role. She said he was an enthusiastic participant in class discussions. She said that with his reading, it is his lack of concentration that is holding him down, but if he could focus just bit better he would excel! The report from her was just really positive and she said she looked forward to having him in her class next year.

Luey's report had him at the top end of all his grade level work, which was great (he was a preppie this year, starting at the average age of 5). In her usual critical way, Luey's teacher managed to slip in little comments about him needing to learn class rules and concentrating better. I take all of that with a grain of salt for two reasons. First, I know she does not have realistic expectations of 6 year old boys, and secondly, he IS keeping up with his work, and keeping up WELL!

We found out who Luey's teacher will be for next year, and HALLELUJA! it's one of the teachers on our list of preferences.

Erik is at the top of his grade in art, and Luey is showing a lot of talent in sport despite his small stature!

The best thing I read on both the boys reports though was that they both enjoy learning and are enthusiastic participants in their classrooms! Can't ask for more than that!

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