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Whoa, Christmas!!!

OMG! I've been in enforced internet exile for about a week.

I manifested it for sure! I said that from Friday last week I would NOT be getting on the computer very much at all because the computer emitts positive ions, and that's contraindicated for conceiving a girl... So, I finished my studies and every and packed up my computer. Mum rings because she needs Michael's travel details for the next day and I check those, and say to her I'm doing her a special favour because I'm determined NOT to get on the computer much for the next few weeks, and WHAMMO, the next morning we no longer have any access! I know this because DAVE wanted to get on the net to check something at work, and couldn't. We contacted Telstra and the problem was definitely at our end, but they said they'd send someone out by the 28th (today).

So, true to their world a guy turns up today and give us a new modem (apparently we were still under warranty FOUR YEARS after they gave us our last modem, rofl)... Then we had some sort of issue with the reuter not recognising the new modem but somehow that got fix (I still don't know what I did)... And here I am.

After two hours on the net catching up, I'm developing a nice headache, so have to get off this thing soon, but just wanted to catch up quickly on Christmas.

I don't have any photos because my memory is full, apparently, and I need to archive my pics onto disks - I do take a lot of photos... So, photos will come later...

First up, we got a nice surprise when a handy man turned up on Christmas Eve (our Christmas) to hang new gates on our front fence. So, visitors... We now have PINE gates, not the old reddish brown wood ones...

Ok, the boys all got lego for their presents and that was an absolute HIT!

Erik got Mars Mission, and Jen, he loves it, and put the pack together BY HIMSELF, without our help!!! We were pretty surprised by that! The booklet was quite thick and some of the pics were visually very complex. There were no words to read of course, which was probably a bonus to Erik. Anyway, Dave had assembled Luey's for him (over a period of about 3-4 hours, and Luey had a somewhat simpler pack, rofl), but had run out of time to do Erik's on Christmas day because we had to go to the inlaws. By the time we got home it was bedtime for the boys, and so poor Erik had to wait until Boxing Day and obviously couldn't wait for us to get up. LOL, so by the time Dave dragged himself out of bed at about 7.30am, Erik had built the entire vehicle, plus the alien fighter thingy!

We were pretty impressed! He's obviously a 3D construction savant of some kind, hahaha!

The boys also loved the flat balls we got them, and the felt tips and pads for Erik and Luey and the BTB tshirt for Bryn.

The Mp4s I ordered for them from Hong Kong arrived today, and tonight I'm going to charge them and load on some music and they'll get those tomorrow - I'm so excited!!! Bryn will then get him Hi-5 dvds - he'll LOVE those!

Dave and I got each other a DVD each (The Devil Wears Prada for me, and The Illusionist for Dave).

At Dave's parent's place we were all thoroughly spoiled, as per usual, with the boys getting a hoard of books, games, and sundry others, and Dave and I getting an upright blender (like for fruit smoothies) as well as a bottle of wine each and chocolates/shortbread. They also gave us all bits of money ($5 per child, and $50 per adult) and I've already spent mine on clothes... Rofl...

Christmas dinner here at home was a complete success, and afternoon tea on Christmas Day at the inlaws was scrumptious; with various toppiings on crackers, voilevonts (sp?), mince pies and cream, merange birdsnests with fruitsalad and yogurt, teacake, and more (omg, it was supposed to be easier on MIL than making the full lunch, but I'm not sure it was)...

Oh, and to top it all off, when we got back from the IL's there was a message on our phone from MY DAD... Yes, that's right, the old man actually called me! The last time we talked was when Bryn was about three months old. I'd tried to call him a number of times since then but never gotten through... So, now I have his new mobile number, whoo hoo!

And a new modem isn't a bad thing either!

So, it's been a great week!


Juniper said…
Sounds like you had a fab Christmas! Can't wait to catch up in the new year!

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