Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catch up photos....

Ok, some of you have seen this first pic, but I couldn't resist posting it again, because he is just sooooo adorable in his floral flairs. I LOVE these pants!!! How groovy is my little dude???

Taken yesterday of my three scalliwags having built their latest cubby house (it changes every day, yesterday I think they were going for the windswept look)... Bryn is just loveing mucking around with them outside!

This is from my dad's surprise visit at the end of December. I can't get over how little he seems to change over the years, his beard just seems to get whiter, that's all...

I had to smart sharpen this next pic. All my Christmas pics are a bit dodgy, I must just have been off my game that day... Anyway, Christmas Eve dinner 2007 (note the empty chair at the end of the table which will be allocated next Christmas, even if said family member might not be big enough to sit in it!

Erik perusing his Mars Mission Lego assembly catologue, apparently plotting to assemble the beast without our assistance early Box Day morning. The catologue is quite complex, it has no words, but I had to think hard to see the logic in how all those tiny lego pieces fit together to make the various moving parts of the machine, and yet this 8 year old boy read the catologue like a "My First Alphabet" book!!!

And here are the finsihed products that he whipped together in a couple of hours while mum and dad were still in bed!

Bryn really loved his Wendy and Roley duplo set... Can you tell?

Having donned one of his other presents (a Bob the Builder tshirt), he set about putting Wendy to work flattening out a road or two...

Luey got right stuck into drawing with his new felt tip pens and drawing book. He's already filled that book with drawings, and is steadfastly filling a second book...

Less than two weeks left of the school holidays and what's even more scarey is that by the time the boys are starting back at school, I might already be pregnant with our newest family member!!!

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