Friday, January 04, 2008

A couple of tales from Bryn...

Well, the boys have been on holidays for three weeks now, and with the excitement of Christmas all over, we're settling in to a bit of normalcy - I think. Dave is back at work at least three days a week (a colleague really wants him there full time to help her out, but we have other plans, LOL)...

So, yesterday the boys were basically just mucking around at home, doing at lot of loud scampering around the house. The big boys went outside to play for a bit which was nice, too - they get a bit cabin feverish if inside for too long - and luckily the little turd boy next door, left them alone (touch wood THAT continues, this boy thinks it a fun to try and pee on the boys these days...).

So, anyway, Bryn can't really go out with them unless I'm there, the last time we tried it without adult passive supervision, he fell headlong into a lovely CACTUS we have growing up the side of our house (apparently the owner's *clever* idea for deterring burgulars, hmmmmmm)...

So, they were inside play with Bryn and they taught him the game, "What's the time Mr Wolf", and he TOTALLY got how it worked, so he was the wolf some of the time, and they ask him, "What's the time Mr Wolf" and he'd reply, "10 o'clock!" (it was ALWAYS ten o'clock, btw), and they'd take 10 steps towards him, until they were within reaching distance, and then when they asked, "What's the time Mr Wolf", he'd yell, "Lunchtime!" and take of after them squealing!!!

I was pissing myself laughing from the other room, it was just so cute. I was impressed at how he'd grasped the rules of the game immediately and could play by those rules, pretty clever for a 2 1/3 year old, I think!

Bryn is LOVING being one of "The Boys" and he shadows his brothers relentlessly. Just before Luey came into the study (where I'm relegated in order to get my net fix), and Bryn was fast on his heels, and Luey goes, "Mum?" and Bryn copies, "Mum?" and I say, "What?" and then the conversation proceeds;

L: Can I have an icypole
B: Can I have an icypole
Me: Not right now, this afternoon when it really heats up.
L: Aw!
B: Aw!
L: That's not FAIR!
B: That's not FAIR!

Pmsl! So now Bryn is affectionaly known as "little shadow"...

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Amanda O. said...

Oh dear... I think that little wolf needs some video taken of that! TOO CUTE! LOL

Good Job!