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Does anyone feel like pitching me a story line???

I'm deadly serious!

It can be ANYTHING, as long as it's for adult (not children, but I don't mean ADULT as in R rated or anything)...

C'mon people, I need an idea!!! I'm going nuts here! I'll buy you a coffee, or a vino, or whatever takes your fancy if you give me an idea that springboards into a story!

Oh, and I need an idea today!

So, how about it!

What would you want to read about if you were looking for a novel in a bookshop???


Jen said…
What about a sliding doors type story..only a little different.

Just say something really tragic had happened in your life (say the death of a loved one) and then you realised that you had the ability to pause and rewind to a point in time where you could change the outcome so that it didn't happen.

But then what if you realised that you could do it over and over again and started abusing the gift that you had. Ie, change for mundane things. Then all of a sudden one day when you really needed to go back and change something your realised that your gift didn't work anymore and there is some type of soul searching epithany that occurs to help you deal with the consequences of your actions. You can have an ending that either makes the character deal with what they have dealt or be given a second chance that means they can completely erase all that has occured and be back to the start again.

Is your synopsis due today Sif? ;)
Clel said…
OK how about something like: an opinionated, gregarious, blogging blind woman had three boys, and wants a gal - twin gals - to add to the brood. She documents her journey via her blog, sharing her most intimate her family grows, her fourth beloved child, a X, rediscovers the blog and their own journey into the world. The full spectrum of wild emotions comes to the fore for each character, as the family secrets are unpacked to reveal...erm, that's for you to figure out!

You could add in some of Jen's plot to spice it up. Whaddaya think? I don't think anyone would believe it myself. Good luck. :D
Amanda O. said…
I'm very into "human" stories atm, particularly if they are involving a different culture or historical setting. It's interesting to see how people grow, change, make decisions, become ruled and shaped by them etc. Normally we only get snippets of views into people's lives, even those we know very well - their internal lives are seldom seen and virtually never seen over the long term (ie from young to end of life and in context with the relationships that develop, evolve and destruct during that time). It's interesting to me I suppose because in part I enjoy the historical or cultural bits but also because the characters are ultimately human, ultimately worrying over the same things we all do and feel and experience, saddled with the same strengths and weaknesses and as different as they may be from ourselves and our situations or points of view, we can see bits of ourselves through the lens of their mindscapes.

Okay, so that's not a storyline and a storyline which is what you actually asked for but it was a lead-up to say that I thought your original idea you'd talked about ages ago was an interesting one and has lots of different ways you could develop it. From my (incredibly dodgy, food poisoning addled) memory it was four (?) or five women I think and their journey through life... friends but at the same time different people in different directions - so focusing on them and their development as people but the commonaility that enables them to maintain their friendship despite the natural ebbs and flows that go in such long-term relationships?
casso said…
I don't actually read fiction a lot at all. but the fiction I do like is more related to the journey of the protagonist and writing style than a quirky plot per se. Novels I like include Oranges are not the only fruit by Janette Winterson for example. I like pieces set in a timeless place, so not based in a discernible period. Not much help!

Maybe think about what kind of journies interest you. A female protagonist. How about using your family's history as a base? A family trying to discover where they belong, a matriach working out how control works, members of the family assessing their roles and priorities both within and without the family. All based with the move as the catalyst? A little like Cloudstreet in a way, a family of personalities each with story to intertwine with everyone else's.

I of course have no idea myself. But just thinking off the top of my head.

Cheers, Cass
katef said…
I am no good with ideas for novels but I am lining you up to one day write the biography of short funny stories of a friend of ours - he grew up in Serbia 50 odd years ago and has so many funny stories it would make a great book!

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