Sunday, February 10, 2008

"I couldn't survive if I couldn't drive"

Well, paint me blue and call me Smurfette! I've just read one of the more discouraging threads on a parenting forum, that I've read in a little while.

The question the thread posed was whether people felt they could survive without their car. The VAST majority of respondents felt they absolutely could not because the shopping centre was a 40 minute walk away, or work was an hour away, and there wasn't any local public transport or it was very good.

It seems not to have occurred to these people that in the event of not being able to drive places, they would need to MAKE CHANGES in their lives. They couldn't just lay down and die in poverty (because presumably they'd get fired for not going to work, and couldn't possibly get another job), and starvation (because the only way to do shopping is all at once, and to carry the bags home in your hands, so obviously no shopping would happen)...

Is this what our modern Western society has come to?

Are we so spoilt for choice, that if our choices were narrowed, we'd simply have to lay down and die?

One bright responded replied that if they lost their car, they'd simply ask mummy and daddy for a loan for a new car. But hmmmm, what if the reason you couldn't drive wasn't for the lack of a car, but for the lack of vision? Or the lack of petrol (or have we all forgotten the current oil crisis?). Well, maybe mummy and daddy could loan you some sight, or some petrol too?

I don't know, I find it frustrating that in this so-called modern, intelligent society, we have so much lost touch with our human ingenuity and ability to adapt.

It's pathetically sad and reeks of over-indulgence and that thing I just loathe so much - a great sense of entitlement... Being able to drive is a LUXURY people, not a necessity...

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Rae said...

Oh here here. That bugs me too!

Good Job!