Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ye Olde "To Do" List...

Yes, I KNOW how much you guys love to read my to do lists, rofl!!! It's inspiring reading, isn't it?
Well, my house is falling apart, and I've been saying for weeks that I need to sort it out and basically I've been putting it off!

Well, today Erik is home from school because of the stop work meeing, but Luey had to go because his teacher isn't attending, so I've decided to make use of having Erik here, and have bribed him with pocket money to help me today...

So, today's list is:

Clean the

  1. Kitchen,
  2. Lounge,
  3. Hall,
  4. My room,
  5. Boys room,
  6. Bathroom,
  7. Laundry,
  8. and Toilet.
Update: Well, as you can see, I actually finished the to do list (wow, has that ever happened before???). Erik single-handedly cleaned the boys room and did a really good job (and it was a really big mess, too, Dave and I had been avoiding it for a week). For that he earned $5, which he promptly spent on Pokémon, lol! Luey tried to pretend he was sick this morning so he could stay home and do something to earn some money, god love him!

So, now I really have no excuses for not doing any work, and yet, here I sit procrastinating!


Juniper said...

Love the list - it sounds like your whole house LOL! In fact, the list looks the same as mine LOL!

Sif Dal said...

Rofl, and we did it too! So, I've updated the post with strike throughs and a comment at the bottom. Erik was a great help! Oh, it took us 3 hours - that's a really long time, considering we didn't wash any floors, LOL, just vaccumed and swept...

Good Job!