Saturday, March 08, 2008

7 random and weird facts about me...

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1. I don't think there is anything random or weird left to know about me that I haven't already told everyone. I tend to be painfully honest about myself to all and sundry - the painful bit is not for me, but for those to are exposed to truths about me they never cared to know.

2. My main symptom this pregnancy is sneezing and an excessively stuffy nose (and sometimes ears as well). I sneeze about 20 times a day.

3. I TOTALLY admire conviction and dedication in other people, even when I TOTALLY disagree with that they believe in. I love that people live their lives by rules and beliefs and faith, and dedication (even at the cost of their own lives), and I love hearing about different systems of beliefs and dedication. Conversely, it makes me really shitty when other people make sport of putting down someone else's beliefs and dedication to their beliefs because they themselves DON'T share those beliefs. I find that way of thinking ignorant.

4. I am very judgemental of people who don't own their own truth. Who show the world what they believe the world wants to see, and don't seek to unravel or recognise what motivates them and then own it because they're afraid of rejection from others. People who are blind to themselves and refuse to own their own choices, shit me :).

5. I don't fear death. I dreamt I died a violent death, and while it was painful it led to this incredibly blissful feeling, and since then I've never feared death. I believe those who have died don't cease to exist. Because of this, I find it hard to relate to other people's sorrow over death, and sometimes I wonder if that means there's something wrong, or cold, or detached about me. I wish people could feel what I feel about death, and then there wouldn't be so much sadness and fear in the world.

6. I regret not having taught my boys to speak Icelandic. I feel as if I've shut some door in their understanding of the world by not letting them experience the world through the Icelandic language.

7. I've lost my love of reading. I don't know when it happen, and it really worries me because as a writer it doesn't seem right that I don't love reading, but every time I've picked up a book in the last few years, I've either started to fall asleep or I've felt this great wave of boredom sweep over me, like nothing grabs my imagination anymore. Every time someone suggests I read a book, I'm almost overwhelmed with this need to run away screaming...

Not knowing who has been tagged, I'm tagging: Amanda, Jayne, Mike, Cass, Juniper

I know that's only five, but I don't know who else has tagged other people, so if you haven't been tagged and are crazy enough to WANT to do this, then consider yourself tagged by me...

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