Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Been a BIZ-ZEE day!

Had a BaBs committee meeting this morning, was going to be at my mw's house, but as she was trying to catch up on sleep from the very early morning birth of bonnie wee girl, I was asked if I wouldn't minding hosting...

Rofl, well, you know, I don't wash my floors except twice a year, but this morning I made an exception, hahaha! Bryn had decided - yesterday afternoon - to do a tea and milk arrowroot floor mural in my lounge room so there was not getting around washing the floor!

Meeting went well :).

So, then off to the actual BaBs meeting, which was nice and casual today, really just letting the conversation flow where it might.

Had a chat with my midwife, told her I'd decided against shared care, so now she'll back book me into the RWH... I'm trying not to be stupidsticious about this - I want NOTHING to do with that hospital, but I have to have faith that I WILL have nothing to do with that hospital, and simply faxing them my details is NOT inviting them into my life...

I told J that I have made plans to talk with Dave about the homebirth over Easter, because I just want us all to work from the position I'm working towards - she seemed quite happy with this, so that's a weight of my shoulders now too.

Bryn was a bit restless at the BaBs meeting, but towards the end got down on the floor with Archie and another bub and just played which was nice to see. Later in Jen's car, he was being very affectionate with Archie, which again was reassuring...

Then picked the boys up from school, did a bit of shopping and stopped for icecream. We were all just sitting around chatting about nothing much and then Bryn hears a baby complaining in another prams and he looks at that baby, then looks at me and says what I thought was, "I don't like babies..."

I asked him if he didn't like babies and he repeated with emphasis, "I LIKE babies!"

One, two, three...


Well, isn't that nice - hope it lasts!

Another little Bryn story for the week is that after a couple of months of pointing out colours to him, sometimes by means of sharing lollies - I'll admit! - because well, aren't we more likely to remember that which we associate good things with... He's started coming out with "red car!, and "green bus" and "purple shirt" and today it was, "orange ball". I know some kids know their colours at 18 months of age, I don't care, it's fantastic that he's doing it at all, to me!

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Juniper said...

Oh Bryn was being really gentle with the babies today, I paid paritcular notice! I think he will make a really great big brother!

And yeah, fun day huh! good on you for being able to host a meeting at such short notice!

And just quickly, AFAIK, I think it is standard practice to book you in at the RWH as a back up hospital - this happened to me too, just faxed details, I never had *anythign* to do with RWH whatsoever, I think it is just a formality in case you have to transfer for a major reason (eg. usually you would transfer to a closer hospital -eg. the one around the corner from you if it is something more basic.)

Good Job!