Monday, March 03, 2008

My sleeping beauties...

I just took a "classic" shot of Bryn asleep on the couch, and when I uploaded it I realised I had similarly "classic" shots of the other two in various weird and wonderful sleeping position... These kids have obviously never heard of simply lying on your back, side or stomach along the length of your bed. No, sleeping is a performance art in this house...

This first shot of Erik is blurry because I didn't want to use the flash. The unclad state of his pillows and doona have nothing to do with Dh or my own attention to detail, it is merely a result of the boys not being able to lie still for three seconds.

So, with his head hanging off one side of his bed, and his feet hanging off the other, Erik snoozes away. Did we reposition him, you might ask, well, no, we left him there, we figured if he was uncomfortable he'd move himself.

Luey was obviously doing yoga in his sleep that night... Notice the high tide mark on his legs, rofl!

And Bryn's sleeping impression of Fred Flintstone... Sadly, I have to wake him in a few minutes to go pick his brothers up from school.

My grubby little boy :)...

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