Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's just amazing to me...

Bryn outside the front door: Mum, help me, mum!

Me: What's up?

Bryn: Putting the bats away in the bedroom.

Me: Ok (I open the front screen door for him, then open the bedroom door for him)...

Bryn: Putting the red bat and the blue bat away, and then honey toast!

Me: Do you want lunch now? (it's five to 12, his internal clock is spot on)

Bryn: Yes, putting the bats away, and putting the swords away and having lunch!

Then he goes outside and retrieves the swords, brings them in, puts them in the bedroom...

Bryn: Ok, I've put the bats away and the swords away, not you make lunch!

OMG, it's like this all day. Six months ago he had lots of words but the sentence structure was very scetchy and now, it's all chat, chat, chat all day, and it just blows me away! The range of what he talks about is just so huge now, I can't keep track; there's daily activities, then there's future plans, there's emotional stuff, and family stuff and his own interests. He talks about the weather, and cause and effect and he counts everything and groups things and adds and subtracts.

The other two did all of this as well, and Luey, in particular did it at the same age, or earlier, but it's like I've completely forgotten and it's all taking me by surprise again (I'm like a gold fish in a glass bowl, rofl)...

It just all seems to happen so fast...

Now he's playing hide and seek and roaming through the house calling out, "Luey, where are you, Luey where are you, ready or not here I come!" I think I'm going to drown in a puddle of cuteness!

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casso said...

I read this the other night and it reminded me to *finally* post some of the quotes we've been writing down from Harry. They say everything with such deliberate, adult focus it sounds so cute coming from their little mouths!

Now you've got it on record for number 4 so you won't be too taken aback when it happens again. ;o)

Good Job!