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Lukas James Thomas - Born this day in 2001...

And so we come to the end of the first 7 year cycle in which is basic person is now fully developed. So, who is he?

Luey is a bit of an enigma, LOL...

The birthday book has him pegged quite well, it says:

You vibrate like a tuning fork to the slightest outside influence. Your
sensitivity makes you a valuable team player, but you may be overly reliant on
the approval of others, letting yourself be swept along with their wishes rather
than risking their displeasure. In love you allow your partner to set the
agenda, allowing them to make choices about what the two of you will do and with
whom you will do it. In all your relationships your tendency to please
others at the expensie of your own desires may ultimately lead to a blowup
when you can no longer supress your needs. Avert disaster by aiming for
equality with others on a day-to-day basis. Remember it is posible to
follow your inner voice and still be loved.

When I first read this, Luey was about two years old and I thought, no that's nothing like him - he was always the toddler and preschooler who went his own way and did his own thing when others wanted to something different, but as he's grown older this has change a bit, and particularly in the past couple of years, Luey has gone through a stage of self-doubt. Fortunately though, that time seems to be passing, and he no longer lamments that no one likes him or that he is an idiot (that was a tough time for us as his parents)...

The start of Luey's life was challenging and painful to him. He had severe reflux which caused him to scream for hours on end in pain. He also didn't seem to like to sleep much in his first 2.75 years... We got the pain of the reflux sorted by the time he was 9 weeks old, and that is when he flashed his first brilliant smile. This child lights up the world when he smiles! In fact, his name, Lukas, means "bringer of light" and I felt it suited him perfectly because before he was born I kept envisaging him as having a golden halo around his head - he was born with hair like spun gold!

Luey is very much like the proverbial little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead... When he is happy he is love incarnate, but when he is at odds with the world, everyone walks under a storm cloud in his presence...

Luey loves people and people love him. At school, kids are constantly calling out to him and waving and smiling. He has always had the ability to slip into any game the other kids are playing and immediately be accepted. Sometimes though, he doubts this ability of his and feels shy, and that is something we've had to work through with him.

Luey is very musical and sings all the time. He has perfect pitch, and I've often thought he might take up an instrument of some kind. So far he hasn't shown an interest but I'm sure if he ever did, he'd really enjoy playing music. He likes to draw and in the past year his skill at drawing has really blossomed. His absolute favourite thing to do though is kick a ball around, and soon we're hoping he will be able to join the local Auskick team. He has also expressed an interest in playing tennis, so that's something we're looking into for him as well.

Luey is our quiet, determined achiever. He doesn't often require the same level of acknowledgement as Erik, and so often his achievements come as a big surprise to us. This morning, for example he read his birthday cards with relative ease, and while we knew he'd really made big leaps in his reading recently, we weren't expecting him to be able to read my writing that easily and confidently!

Dave and I realised last night that even though he is our middle child, we still consider him our baby. He was our baby for over 4 years, and even though Bryn has been around for the past nearly three years, Luey is our baby, and we can't believe our baby has grown so much! He's such a beautiful boy!


katef said…
Happy Birthday!
I have loved reading this post, wondering how much alike or different Muski might grow to be to his birthday twin! Already I can see that they are alike in one wau - M is that little girl with the curl too!!
HipbubbyMama said…
Happy Birthday gorgeous boy :)

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