Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Erik's future wife...

LOL, yesterday Dave came home with a funny anecdote about Erik...

Dave took the boys to school in the morning and shortly after dropping Erik off at his class, the boy comes bounding back to him all excited!!! "I got an invite to M's birthday!!!" he exclaimed waving the envelope under Dave's nose before running off with it again... A minute later the girl who's birthday he'd just received an invite to marched up to Dave, presented him with the invite and the envelope it had been enclosed in, and then turned to Erik and snapped, "I TOLD you NOT to open it!"... Erik just looked at her sheepishly, shrugged his shoulders and said, "What???"

PMSL, now why do you suppose I have the feeling we just got a glimpse of Erik's married life? Of his "type" of girl (I mean besides the fact that none of his girl friends have been wilting wallflowers), LOL... Marrying his mother, not much!

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