Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mundane Stuff...

Ok, so today I don't have to go pick the boys up from school, whoo hoo!!!

Instead, I HAVE to get the dishes done, the loungeroom cleaned, and the clothes off the bedroom floor!!! A load of washing wouldn't go astray either...

Have been good though, just paid four bills!

Am on a bit of mission there though. Seriously, I think Telstra, in particular is trying to diddle us. I swear to god we paid up with the completely (phone and bigpond) in July, and then we get this "overdue" bill at the beginning of August for Bigpond. So, I'm on a mission to catch them out. As of five minutes ago, we're COMPLETELY up to date with:

AGL (gas)
Yarra Valley (water)

Tomorrow, Dave will take care of the monthly installment for electricity...

I have recorded the receipt numbers for the above four bills on both the bills themselves, AND in my diary on today's date. In the past, I've had receipts and called up these bloody companies to dispute billing amounts and in particular so-called "overdue" amounts, and they've always managed to talk rings around me. THIS time it WON'T happen! I have the bills, the receipt numbers and NOTHING is in arrears!!!

It really annoys me because we're pretty conscientious with our bills, yes, we've had late notices and even "suspension" notices, particularly this year, but we really do try to keep on top of it all, and yet it's like a never ending game of chasing your own tail, and at times I've been SURE I've paid a bill more than once, but somehow I couldn't prove it...

Ok, better get on with the other boring stuff that is left to do today!

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