Saturday, August 09, 2008

Technically, less than 10 weeks to go...

Obviously, none of my babies have been born before their due date, and so the likelihood of going early is very, very small. But putting that aside, I have less than 10 weeks to go, as far as the technical counting of 40 weeks goes. Leah has been doing a big declutter in the past month which basically came to a close yesterdy, and it feels a bit like the gauntlet has been passed as my 'nesting' begins today...

The first job off the rank is a big one. We´re swapping the boys´ room over for the study. We´re doing this to three boys into a slightly more spacious room, but also one that doesn´t face East or West, so won´t catch the early sunrise or the late sunset of summer. It is also the only room in the house with a South facing window, so hoping it should be cooler in summer, and being that it also directly opposes the loungeroom it is more likely to catch the heat from the gas heater...

On a downside, it is the adjoining room to our bedroom, so we´re more likely to hear every single sound eminating from it in the early morning, especially. We´re kind of hoping that being it´s been 3 years since the boys were in there last, they´ll have a tad more sense NOT to jump around on the beds like apes (yes, well, hmmmm)...

The dual purpose of this move will be to do a quick declutter and tidy of both rooms as they are set up, yay! So, by the end of today, I should have two rooms squared away!

The rest of my list looks something like:

Master Bedroom:
  1. Audit wardrobe and drawers under bed; tidy and declutter. Pay particular attention to clearing a space for baby's blankets and paraphenalia.
  2. Set up bed for "count down period"; water resistant layer under sheet...
  3. Wash walls, vacuum
  1. Pack storage boxes out to garage.
  2. Sort through chest of drawers
  3. Wash floor and walls
  1. Sort through Bryn's toy shelves; pay particular attention to small toys in the boxes.
  2. Get lounge dry cleaned
  3. Wash floor and walls
  1. Sort through cupboards and shelves
  2. Clean fridge
  3. Sort through sharps box
  4. Get new filing box from Officeworks (plastic instead of paper this time)
  5. Reassess playdough and paints nook
  6. Clean water filter (get service guy in to exchange old for new).
  7. Wash floor
  1. Wash everything down
  2. Declutter and clean cabinets
  1. Tidy!
  2. Wash down window sill
  3. Get unmentionables out of laundry cupboar
  4. Get rid of cat boxes
  5. Wash floor
  1. THOROUGH SCRUB - find the ultimate toilet cleaner, because I'm sick to death of the stains...
  1. De-cobweb
Other stuff:
  1. Wash baby clothes
  2. Wash muslin flats
  3. Set up bassinet
  4. Set up baby stuff for easy access
  5. Order Bryn's drawers and trundle bed for under Erik's bed
That´s all I can think of right now...


Ok, well blogger was having technical issues this morning when I went to post this (at about 9am... Shortly after we got started on the move. We just downed tools, so to speak at 7.30pm - it was solid work in the 10 hours or so between... Have moved the boys into their room completely, and moved all the stuff into the stuff, all the bookcases are done, but Dave's CDs are still on the desk, the computer still needs to be hooked up in there (is missing the tower just now anyway) and there are bags and piles of papers all over the floor (and far less floor space than previous for Dave's brand of "filing" roflmao)... So, still work to do in the study.

It's been a mammoth job to say the least, we won't be doing it again unless it's to move OUT and into a new house altogether... Ok, must go - Dave and Mike are out getting dinner (Chinese and Pizza) and the boys are in their new bedroom trying to kill themselves, or each other, ok, there goes Bryn...

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Leah said...

Oh good on ya, feels great to be "clearing" eh?

I did about 5 years worth of filing today. Glad I didn't stop to do that during the vinnies/skip phase! Jobs that looked huge like the study BIR took less time than sitting down to file took, plus yielded far more space. I hope you come across lots of little efficient jobs that yield big results for little effort as you make your way thru the list :)

Good Job!