Thursday, September 11, 2008

35 weeks tomorrow...

And then I'll have 35 days to go until my due date...

Bought some raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil capsules as well. Got the Bach flower essences in the mail yesterday as well... I can see I'll have to be ordering more of those before the birth.

Our horticulturalist came today, his wife is due in about a week and a half. He thought I looked "ready to burst!" I had to laugh, here is a guy who's wife is also on her fourth (also her fourth boy, LOL) and he still doesn't know that a nearly 8 month pregnant woman probably DOESN'T want to hear that she looks ready to burst, hahaha!

Birthplan meeting will be a fortnight from now, and then I'll be a day off 37 weeks...

Have all but signed the boys up for the school holiday program. We won't be sending them every day, just on the excursion days being offered (because they're the longest days and suit Dave's work travel the best, and will probably be the most fun too). Beauraucracy is a PITA though. The school holiday program wants bookings and advance payment by NEXT Wednesday, BUT this program isn't the same as the regular after school program, so we had to register a new "school holiday program" carer provider number with Centrelink, which we only received last night. So, I ring them this morning and register that, BUT we can't book in with the school holiday program until we can show them the acceptance letter from Centrelink, which won't arrive before the end of next weekend - i.e. AFTER the bookings and payment deadline.

Anyway, just talked to someone there, and they're going to try and work it out for us... Without the rebate, we'd have to pay $360 upfront, whereas we're expecting only to have to pay about $90, once the rebate is calculated. Big difference, right?

The guy I just talked to pretty much assured me that there would still be spots available at the end of next week though, I hope so. The boys would be getting to go to Imax and Scienceworks, which they've been to before, but also Healeville Sanctuary and the MCG which they haven't been to, so that would be fantastic fun for them, and the price is just unbeatable!

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