Monday, September 22, 2008

Another half life down...

So, 25 days ago, I was half way through the 100 day countdown, and today I'm half way through the 50 day countdown... Time is flying! In 75 days time (making up that 100 days again), I'll have a baby who has already been with us for a number of weeks!!!

Having lots of prelabour in the last few days, so this body is getting ready to have a baby, but it's a case of the body being willing but the mind not being ready just yet. I guess it's the good old nesting, there are a number of things I want to do before having this baby. I have more cleaning and sorting to do. And a blessingway to have. I want to get some belly shots done as well. The birth plan meeting. Oh, and I'd like to get down to that wool shop in Cantebury and find something nice to knit a cocoon out of - or try to at least...

Anyway, back to the nesting lists...

# Clean toilet

# Clean Laundry (with particular attention placed on window sill and floor)

# Clean bathroom cabinet

# Sort through paper file on top of microwave (and get a new plastic holder to replace the collapsing cardboard one - maybe from Ikea?).

# Sort through crockery cabinet again (and on top of it)

# Clean floors Well, I did a comprehensive vacuum, will wash them later in the week...

# Hound Dave to tidy study into tubs before Birth Plan meeting on Thursday morning.

# Wash nappies and clothes (decide what clothes to wash)

# Buy Ikea in wardrobe clothes shelves and put clothes in them

# Buy two more basket for under the change table (just realised there is that space under the bottom shelf where I can store more nappy supplies, and it's definitely needed with two in nappies)

Also did a big dust and de-cobweb of the loungeroom (though little house spiders are incredibly busy this time of year, I *KNOW* it wasn't that long since I did the last de-cobweb...

Three loads of washing.

Let Erik (and Luey once he realised Erik was having so much fun) vacuum their own room - never discourage a child from helping out.


katef said...

wow can't believe you are down to the last 25 days! and um... you know everyone walks around ikea when they are ready to have a baby.... though I can't say it actually has any effect on the baby actually being born!!! LOL

Sif Dal said...

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty *safe* planning a walk around Ikea at 37 weeks, LOL. If anything, it's a great way to ensure you DON'T go into labour, hahaha! But really, I neeeed meatballs and storage solutions - I'm nesting, damn it! Hahahaha!

Good Job!