Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthplan meeting...

Had my birth plan meeting today. It was good. Totally forgot to get everyone's details mind you - duh!

There was quite a bit of talk about transferring and haemorrhages etc. Not from me, I'm personally assuming that none of that is going to be an issue as it hasn't in the past, and I'm not about to start borrowing trouble. I've made my peace with the idea that in an emergency I will do what I believe to be the best thing for myself or my baby at the time.

I don't really like all the talk of all the things that might be reason enough to transfer, particularly because none of them have been an issue for me in the past. I guess I don't like to think that possibly my "prime" homebirthing births might have been the first three, and this is the one where I'd be better off in hospital, LOL. People always like to say the first birth is one that should happen in hospital because that's the one where you really don't know how your body is going to reaction to birthing... The reality is, no birth can predict what future births will be like. I've had three pretty straightforward births with no major complications, all progress in a very timely fashion (if not downright speedily) with no haemorrhaging and so on...

And yet, this time I'm older, this is my fourth, and my bp is up (it was 130/90 again today) when usually it's quite low in pregnancy.

I want to believe this birth will be no different from my previous three - except that maybe, hopefully it will happen just a little earlier than they did. But time and again, people remind me to not assume anything.

I was a little stressed about the higher BP today, but rationalising it since the meeting, I know that it was most likely a result of having the meeting itself. Having 9 other people around me. I'm an introvert, and even having 2-3 visitors will overstimulate me and make my body release adrenalin and be a bit shaky and jittery (which is just how I was feeling today). That would put my BP up. Unfortunately, midwifery being "evidence based" might suggest that the higher BP might be a sign of something else... Though, not having any other symptoms of anything should be enough to offset concerns.

So, keeping up the protein and being diligent with fish oil and epo are on the menu for me now...


Leah said...

I guess the thing is if a birth is straightforward there's not much to say in advance, especially when you are well educated about birth already and having your 4th - you'll do what you do in the moment and have the baby, only so much pre-planning required. We spoke a bit about transfers as well, but I felt mostly reassured by it for various reasons ... and I'm just not seeing transfer as a bad outcome in and of itself atm, only not my preference!

Here's to lower bp at your next reading! I thought of something else I've been doing, epsom salt baths! That's what they give you medically for PIH, having a soak in it seems pretty sensible to me LOL And one less pill to rattle around in your belly LOL

Sif Dal said...

You've made some really good points there, Leah.

I couldn't help but feel a little like my midwife was trying to get me to trust her opinion *in case* she felt the need for a transfer - in other words, perhaps she's a bit concerned that I'm going to resist transferring.

The thing is, I probably wouldn't, LOL, I'm not tied up in homebirthing for homebirthing sake. However, a lot of talk of all the various reasons why we might need to transfer does have me feeling a bit like there is a really good chance it could happen, even though the actual transfer rate is very small itself, yk?

Good Job!