Sunday, September 21, 2008

  1. move desk to hallway
  2. move change table to loungeroom
  3. sort through Bryn's small toy boxes ready
  4. Pack tubs into garage
  5. move bed to north position
  6. put bedrail on bed
  7. general tidy
  8. weekly food shop

Getting there...

Well, all the big stuff has been done now. The house still feels grotty, mind you, but I'll work my way through that this week. Have used up all my energy for today. Dave will do a dinner shop tonight and the big shop tomorrow.

The list for this coming week looks like this:

  1. Clean toilet
  2. Clean Laundry (with particular attention placed on window sill and floor)
  3. Clean bathroom cabinet
  4. Sort through paper file on top of microwave (and get a new plastic holder to replace the collapsing cardboard one - maybe from Ikea?).
  5. Sort through crockery cabinet again (and on top of it)
  6. Clean floors
  7. Hound Dave to tidy study into tubs before Birth Plan meeting on Thursday morning.
  8. Wash nappies and clothes (decide what clothes to wash)
  9. Buy Ikea in wardrobe clothes shelves and put clothes in them

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