Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok, payday tomorrow, time to get a move on...

Ok, I need to write another list (yes, I know, stimulating reading for you guys - but this is where I am now, about 4 weeks out from having a baby, and suddenly needing to "get sorted" - hey, I can't be "deep and meaningful" ALL the time (Oi! No, smart comments, YOU!)...

Ok, so, let's see...

  1. Pay the electricity installment (two actually, oops)
  2. Pay the after school care bill
  3. Pay this months CC bill (DON"T let it get overdue!)
  4. Buy 4 tubs with lids for packing away clothes/toys
  5. Put aside money for skip
  6. Buy Secret Stork DIO group pressie, and send it!
  7. Buy Erik and Luey el cheapo back packs for school holiday program
Ok, I think that is about as far as the budget is going to stretch this fortnight...

Ok, then things to do this week/end...

  1. Put underlay on bed
  2. Put bedrail on bed
  3. Sort through wardrobes/drawers - 1/2 done!
  4. Move bed
  5. Pack clothes in crates - 1/2 done!
  6. Pack toys in crates
  7. Wash nappies/clothes (decide what to wash, what to hold off washing)
  8. Move study desk and change table positions in the house
  9. Empty packing boxes from garage to skip
  10. Chuck boxes from back porch
  11. Chuck scanner
LOL, if I get through that list, we'll all be buggared!

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Juniper said...

Wow, if you get through that list, you deserve a medal! I am inspired, and off to write a list on my blog too - my mum is comign over today to help me declutter!

Good Job!