Monday, September 15, 2008

This week´s To Do list...

Ok, I've got to order a skip to be delivered on Friday. Then in preparation for the skip, I have to do the following...

  • Sort through Bryn's clothes, weed out everything too small and pack it away for the garage.
  • Sort through and crate up Bryn's toy that he's outgrown (that Ari won't be using for at least 6 months).
  • Sort through Erik and Luey's clothes, exchanging winter gear for summer gear.
  • Sort through my books, decide what to get rid off and bag them up, find MAAP books to loan to BaBs Box Hill.
  • Sort through nappy baskets under change table.
  • Sort through bedroom wardrobe.
  • Tackle Dave about the A3 flatbed scanner (anyone want this, it's going FREE, pick up only and soon!)...
  • Clear space for basinet.
  • Put underlay and doona for protection on the bed.
Then on the weekend, Dave will clear out the garage, putting the old packing boxes in the skip, and freeing up space for crates that we have in the house. The various large boxes that are standing on the back porch will go in the skip too.

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