Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today I've...

  1. Bought two more baskets for nappies and sorted the nappies into a) newborn fitted/covers/AIO, b) larger AI2, fitted and covers, c) sundry other cloth nappies pieces/wetbags/boosters and d) paper nappy supplies for Bryn
  2. Done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen
  3. Washed the flats and put them in the dryer
  4. Bought for the labour kit: Maternity pads, strainer, placenta bowl and non-slip bath mat
  5. Folded a load of washing from last night

I guess I'm starting to get there...

The BH have eased up a little since last night. I went to bed at 8.30pm which was big mistake because I was up again at midnight for a couple of hours. Those three or so hours of sleep weren't particularly restful because of intermittent contractions. The contractions themselves are not particularly painful, but because I've had so much action over the last few days, my abdominals feel like I've done thousands of situps and are generally sore.

Anyway, after I went back to bed at 2am, I slept a lot deeper, thank goodness!

Today I've had a handful of sore-ish contractions, but that's it, and considering I walked around a shopping centre for an hour and then stood and washed dishes for another hour, I think that's pretty good actually...

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