Friday, October 10, 2008

39 weeks!!!


Bubs was moving around like crazy all day yesterday. Haven't had that much movement in one day in weeks!

Heard a very sad and strange anecdote yesterday. A friend had recently attended a birth at my local hospital. The mum had a natural labour and birthed her baby on all fours on the floor with her two small children milling about. Everyone was so happy, and then this friend looks up and sees one of the hospital midwives standing quietly in the corner of the room, weeping.

So, she goes over to the midwife and asks if everything is ok, and the midwife says everything is ok, she just doesn't get to see birth very often. My friend asks if the midwife works in the special care unit of the hospital (thinking she mustn't attend births often), but no, apparently the midwife worked in the labour rooms!

Natural birth is becoming such a rare event in this hospital that this midwife was overwhelmed to actually be priveledged enough to witness it in her chosen career as a midwife!

How sad is that???

Women who achieve natural births in hospitals are providing extraordinary experience for the staff at those hospitals these days. While I'm very excited to be having my baby at home, part of me wonders who might be missing out on seeing a natural birth because I won't be having this baby at my local hospital. It's kind of nice to think that maybe, in some small way, my last two births at the hospital might have made the staff's day or even week!

LOL, mind you, that wouldn't be enough to make me go back there, hahaha! Especially now that midwives are crying in corners because they never get to see natural birth anymore - that's pretty scary actually, things sound like they've changed a lot just in the last three years (no one cried at Luey or Bryn's births, natural birth wasn't quite as rare three and 7 years ago, obviously)...


Mr B said...

Oh man, thats so sad :-( I remember the staff at the desk all staring at me as I left to go to the wards, I wonder if my natural birth helped them too. I hope it becomes common and everyday regular birthing.

Jen said...

That is sad. I had a student in with me when I had Ashton, i think it was the first birth she had attended and at one stage she was looking a little green ;) but she stuck by me the whole time and was great at the end :) .

My midwives were a little younger and were terrific, although one had an 'issue' with the fact that I had a private ob. I guess natural birthing isn't the norm these days :(

Good Job!