Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just a little annoyed!

Well, it seems my talk of prelabour is getting back to my wonderful midwife via people other than myself. Twice now I've heard of people "filling my midwife in" on what's happening with me, and what annoys me about that is that I'm not actually trying to keep anything from my midwife, I'm just not wanting to bother the poor woman with my own little excitements about my body doing it's thing slowly but surely unless I feel it worth putting her on alert. My midwife is a busy woman with other clients as well as a host of other activities, and just life, to get on with and had I started emailing and calling her with even prelabour niggle, starting two weeks ago or more, then by now she'd probably think I was completely neurotic.

Still and all, *I* like to obsess about these things amongst those of you who are interested in listening to me rambling on, because it's all part of the fun, feeling all the contractions and wondering when things might finally happen...

I have to wonder though why other people would feel it was their business to be bringing my mw up to speed anyway? Isn't that for me to decide when to do? What is this, big brother?



Rachael said...

Not to minimise your annoyance LOL, but I do think midwives like to know what's going on even when it doesn't seem important.

I think particularly with very experienced and intuitive midwives, that information can actually give them a sense (in some instances) of roughly when baby will come (and that affects their schedule too remember!).

I think it's quite normal to chit chat about others when it comes to pregnancy...rightly or wrongly people do tend to get caught up in the excitement of it all!

Anyway I guess whoever's been 'leaking' your news will know it's not kosher after reading here :).

casso said...

Yeah sounds a bit weird. Unless of course they're friends anyway and are trying to meet up for dinner.

"How about Thursday?"
"Nah, you might be off with Sif since she's got all that pre-labour stuff going on."
"What are you talking about?"
"Well let me send you this link to her blog..."


Sif Dal said...

Yeah, well, the thing is nothing is happening, and I don't make it my business to talk to my mw about her other clients have said online, because I assume if they feel it's important for her to know these things, they'll tell her themselves...

I guess I'll just have to keep my musings about my pregnancy to a trust few friends from here on in...

Good Job!