Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleepy today...

I'm paying for not having gone to sleep earlier last night, LOL. Yawning away, and would love to just curl up in bed! It's days like today that I wish Bryn would take a nap, LOL!

Anyway, so as not to completely succumb to the lethargy, I thought I might set myself a couple of tasks today and maybe get the juices flowing and see if I can put a stop to the yawning...

  1. Tidy up the living areas
  2. Do the dishes
  3. Vaccuum throughout
  4. Put away clean laundry
  5. Do baby laundry (let's test that superstiticious laundry theory, shall we!)
I also did a load of my own laundry...

Not too bad, didn't manage the vacuuming, but have to leave something for tomorrow, hahaha, besides which my lower back/cocyz area is stiff and sore atm...

Finding it hard to keep an appetite today. Had a good breaky - 4 slices of toast with sliced banana on top. Then had half a punnet of prune and a glass of Coke for lunch at about 3.30pm, LOL (I know, you're all going YUCK, prunes with coke, hahaha, prune were a recent craving, though I wouldn't actually recommend eating that many in one go - the rest of the household is paying for it tonight, iykwim)... Then made a chicken curry (sweet not hot) for dinner at Dave's request, more dishes, and now I'm going to have a browse on the net..

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