Sunday, October 19, 2008

To Do list for today...

When wanting to punch a hole in the wall, Confucius say clean the house...

  1. Tidy the living room (me)
  2. Tidy the dining room (me)
  3. Tidy the bedroom (me)
  4. Tidy the kitchen and wash the dishes (Dave)
  5. vacuum (me) and wash the floors (Dave)
  6. Clean the bathroom (me)
  7. Clean the toilet (me)
  8. Wash and dry the baby's pouch (me)
  9. Do this week's grocery shopping (Dave)
  10. Go to the movies (ME)


Rachael said...

Gee sounds like nesting :D.

Stephanie said...

aHEM! You need to go clean the fridge.

Get down and dirty. On your hands and knees baby. LOL.

I'm aware the above statement has been given a wide birth for interpretation. Take it how you wish ;)

Good Job!