Monday, November 24, 2008

Tis the season... To run about like a chook with your head cut off...

Oh dear, suffering terribly from that feeling of having a lot of things to do and being behind the eight ball...

Have had one of those mornings where I've spent most of my time soothing a fractious newborn. Don't know what the problem is, and not really interested in trying to guess what it might be, but nothing seems to help the boy feel calm and contained.

He's sleeping now, but his last sleep didn't last long at all, so don't know how much time I have...

Anyway, so here are some of the things I need to do and organise...

  • Book a dry cleaner to do the couch (FINALLY!!!) DONE
  • Reschedule MCHN appointment for this Thursday, so I can go to the AB meet up DONE
  • Wrap MIL's birthday presents (for tonight)
  • Exchange baby clothing at Baby Bunting before it looses even more value (grrrr) DOING IT TOMORROW
  • Finish erecting the TP activity frame in the front yard before Sienna comes over to play on it with Bryn tomorrow
  • Get Christmas window lights from Ikea
  • Get new Christmas Tree decorations
  • Pay off and organise delivery of trampoline from Target
  • Pay off and pick up Maxi Climber from other Target
  • Buy scooter or roller blades for Erik (pin him down on which he REALLY wants)
  • Buy scooter for Luey
  • Pay off and pick up Buzz Lightyear for Bryn
  • Order/buy Dave's present from ABC
  • Order triple smoked Ham for Christmas dinner

This is besides just cleaning/maintaining the house and taking care of the kids...


Leah said...

hmmm your to do list is giving me the same kind of anxiety i imagine my to do lists in pregnancy gave you LOL Like, I know I have a long list and not long to do it, but NFI what is on it PMSL! You sound like u have it pretty under control!

Juniper said...

I am also anxious looking at your To Do list LOL - I have been in denial about mine ha ha ha!

Amanda O. said...

Hey I'm just impressed it's a SEASONAL thing for you... good gods, I spend most days all year long feeling like there's a thousand things to do and I'm woefully behind on it all! I'm fairly sure the mountain just doubled in size from the last time I looked at it too. Twenty four hours in a day is just NOT enough!!! LOLOL

Good Job!