Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's been a great birthday!

First of, Ari let me sleep last night, woot!

I got to sleep in until about 8am (like WOW, man!)...

Then I was given some lovely pressies from Dave and the boys; a CD with the popular hits from the year I was born, some lavender/lime/lemon grass bath salts, a 700ml bottle of Baileys (YUM!!!), and a GORGEOUS set of SILK pyjamas (oooh la la!)...

Then after hanging out at home this morning, we went to the local shopping centre (so I could pick up Dave's Christmas present which was on hold) and the bus came pretty much on time.

When I went to pick up Dave present, I asked if the shop price matched because I'd seen the same item in another shop for $10 less... So, this shop matched that price, whoo hoo!

Then we went to the food court for lunch and even though the food court was packed, we happened upon a family leaving a table right in front of us - with 5 seats!!!

Then we went to JB Hi Fi and I found my Christmas present, a fantastic Nikon automatic camera with 8mp and ISO 2000 for under $200. The lady there said they were giving away free leather cases with that model, but then discovered they'd run out of the free cases, so she gave me a different (non-leather) for free, and then without telling me, knocked a further $16 of the camera, so that even with the case and the memory card I also bought, it only came to $203!

Then, as I was paying for that I spied something Dave has longingly told me about recently, so I bought that for his Christmas present, and he doesn't know about it or expect, so it'll be a real surprise, yay!!!

So, now Dave is cooking dinner, the boys are going to bed, and then I'll settle back with a nice glass of Baileys and milk!


Juniper said...

HUGE Happy Birthday Sif! So sorry I have been slack in emailing or calling you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

katef said...

Happy Birthday! So glad to hear you had a good one!

Amanda O. said...

Sounds like a fantastic birthday! I was gone all weekend but thinking of you yesterday and crossing fingers you'd have a fab day! :D

Good Job!