Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joyful, Joyful!

If you could see me now!

Sitting here in my pjs, crooning my little heart out!

This is actually why I LOVE Christmas... The legimate opportunity to sing Gospel. I LOOOOOVE singing Gospel. I miss my Choir days, seriously. It is a little known fact that I actually have quite a good voice. I'm not so great on my own when other people are in earshot because of my nervous throat (totally tightens up, rofl), but in a Choir... That's another story altogether, I'm great in a choir and have had the honour of being especially requested to come sing in a choir because they needed a "good soprano" to fill out the sound, aahhh, that was a proud moment...

So, I love Christmas because at Christmas I don't feel silly singing all my fave gospel hits. I swear, in a previous life I was a Gospel singer, I feel so at home with that genre of music.

Meanwhile, poor Dave, he really doesn't appreciate Christmas Carols or Gospel music, so has had to go hide in the study, rofl...

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