Friday, January 23, 2009

Stuff Love!

As I posted on my Goals Blog while I was out today, I used my Baby Hawk mei tai with Ari on my back for the first time!

I was sooooo pleased with myself, rofl. I left the house with Ari in the Bug and the three bigger boys walking, and we got to the shopping centre and had a very early lunch. I had with us the Bug, with my SuzieQ I Love You Minaudiere Bag tied over the handle bar (this bag is just perfect for a quick trip out of the house with a pram because it fits all the essentials but I can adjust the strap so that it doesn't hang too low on the pram and it's also not so deep I have to dig around in it to get stuff), and I had the Baby Hawk stowed underneath.

So, we had an early lunch and then went and did some grocery shopping at Safeway. Bought a heap of fruit (canteloupe, pineapple, grapes, 2 mangos, 2 punnets of strawberries), some pita pockets, a loaf of bread, a litre of Skinny Milk, and a litre of No Fat)... All of that went under the pram, plus on bag hung from one of the two hooks I bought for the pram. Bryn was getting a bit restless and "looking with his hands", so I offered him to go in the pram, an opportunity he jumped at (he LOVES the Bug), and right there near the check out in Safeway, I popped Ari on my back in the BH!

No one rushed up to "help" me, so I mustn't have looked like I was going to drop the baby, LOL! Woot! So, then with pram loaded with shopping and Bryn and with Ari on my back, we went to have a scout around in Big W. Then we went to catch a bus home, and I popped Ari back in the pram and the boys all walked...

So, today I have a lot of Stuff Love, LOL. It's great when the stuff you buy actually works to make your life easier!


Juniper said...

Wow, so cool! You baby wearing legend!

Isn't it great when your *stuff* actually works they way you want it to? Fantastic!

Leah said...

love the stuff love! that's the best kind of buys, when you use and enjoy and benefit from "stuff". I'm packing a bunch of stuff to take away atm, i hope im feeling the love when we use it away so it makes it all worth it hahahah!

Pagan Rach said...

I'm feeling proud too cos I've just figured out how to put Zara in the ergo on my back by myself :D

Amanda O. said...

Too Much Stuff becomes Just Stuff but sometimes stuff is very Useful Stuff, in which case it's Good Stuff! :-) (Say that three times fast...) So glad to hear the Babyhawk in particular has been a great purchase for you! I'm eyeballing eventually justifying one for the new squidge when we've beat down the bills a bit more and have been watching people who've bought them talking about them. They have such gorrgeeouuuss fabric on their website!

Good Job!