Saturday, January 10, 2009

Summer Holidays...

Dave and I just realised the Summer holidays are half over. Only three and bit weeks to go and the kids will be back at school. Dave goes back to work on Tuesday, and I haven't gotten any writing done! LOL.

Am off to Woodend on Monday, really looking forward to the "mini roadtrip" - as I'm imagining it in my head, LOL. The opportunity to catch up with a friend I haven't seen since Bryn was just a wee baby, probably about Ari's age!

The boys start their swimming lessons on Monday, they're so excited! After that there will only be two weeks left of the holidays... Luckily, we don't have much to organise for the new school year, so we don't have to think about that until the week school starts.

Dave has his learners permit now, and going to take his first lesson before the end of January. He's been making noises about having his licence by the middle of the year, he even joked that he could have it by his birthday (beginning of April), but I think that's a tad ambitious. I can't wait for him to finally have a licence!!!

I've decided to seek the care of a private gastroenterologist. I'm off to the GP again in an hour or so to get a referral. Waiting until February some time to get an initial assessment is just ridiculous (hope the waiting list at the private guy is shorter). This will eat intou our savings, but I guess this is what savings are for...

Mostly right now, I need to start doing some work on that novel...

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