Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Up, up and away!

Ok, first up, my apologies for the dark and blurry pics, but my first priority was to capture the moment, even if it was in a blur, hahaha!

Ok, so you might be thinking, 11 week old lifts head to 45 degrees, bit whoop! But, ys, in FOUR KIDS, I've NEVER had a child do this this early... Seriously, Erik, Luey and Bryn, didn't hold their heads up even this high in the prone position until AFTER they could sit up (which for Erik was when he was 7 months old, though Luey and Bryn were 5 months old when they sat unsupported)... And, all my boys - until Ari - would scream their little lungs out if put on their tummies, but Ari doesn't seem to mind it, even though he vomits the same amount that they do (a lot, lol)...

Ah, I'm a proud mamma this morning!

1 comment:

Rachael said...

Love it! Go wee Ari!

A few short months and you'll be awoken to him testing out his precrawling knee rocking in the middle of the night! Ask me how I know ;) LOL.

Good Job!